Learn to Skydive

Here at Skydive Northstar for your First Jump Course (FJC) we offer an Instructor Assisted Deployment, or IAD progression method. Your USPA Licensed Instructor will initiate the deployment process by releasing your pilot chute, allowing you to focus on a stable exit and the canopy flight. A tried and true method over the years to develop great skydivers!

Your FJC is a one-day course that includes all necessary training to make your first solo skydive. Classes last between 6 and 8 hours and include both a classroom and practical instruction to prepare you for your jump. This normally happens the same day – however if weather does not permit your jump may be rescheduled.

The 2024 Class dates are as follows:

May 4th
June 1st, June 29th
July 13th
August 3rd, August 17th

. Classes will begin at 9AM at the Waseca Airport. Please read through the below information. There are limited slots, so please email or call us if you have questions – and don’t forgot to purchase your slot in the class 🙂

Please plan to be at the airport all day. You can complete the online waiver at any time before the class.

Skydive Northstar - student

What to bring:
– ID (Minimum age 18)
– Maximum weight 220lbs
– Payment for the class
– Seasonably comfortable clothing
– Water bottle
– Tennis/athletic shoes (no boots with hooks or anything that will snag, also no open toed shoes, flip flops, sandals)
– Good attitude and willingness to learn and have fun

– Leave the fancy jewelry/belt/clothes/hats/etc at home (once again, wear nothing that can snag)
– No gloves or anything covering your hands or wrists
– No personal cameras can be taken in the plane or used on the skydive (on the ground is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with the instruction or your learning)

Skydiving is a physically strenuous activity – be ready for it!
The class will include a lunch break. You can bring your own, or run into town if desired.

If time permits at the end of the day, we may have time to do another jump if you wish too!

Let’s face it, skydiving is addicting!
We would love to take you all the way through student training to become a licensed skydiver! In order to obtain an “A” license from the USPA, you will need to complete at least 25 skydives and demonstrate on a final “check dive” that you have mastered a variety of freefall and canopy skills. Our instructors and coaches will be with you every step of the way. The sky is the limit!


First Jump Course

Includes classroom and practical instruction as well as your first jump

(Cash Price)


Student Jumps

Includes working with an Instructor or Coach on specific required skills for license progression

(Cash Price)